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Oprah Interview With ‘Battered’ Ex-Wife of Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Leaks Online (Video)

”I regret my decision to appear on that show,“ Andrew Puzder’s ex-wife now says

Donald Trump’s cabinet selections continue to face scrutiny, as a 1990 video has surfaced in which the ex-wife of labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder told “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that he once threatened her for making spousal abuse allegations public.

The video, which was obtained by Politico on Tuesday night, was not public until now, according to the website.

The episode of the 27-year old “The Oprah Winfrey Show” was titled “High Class Battered Women,” and featured Puzder’s ex-wife Lisa Fierstein explaining to Winfrey that she was threatened by Trump’s current cabinet selection. She does not detail the abuse she allegedly suffered, but said that she was threatened.

She told Winfrey that Pudzer told her: “I will see you in the gutter.”

Watch the leaked video:

Fierstein divorced Puzder in 1987, according to Politico. The political website reported that it obtained the video from another woman who appeared in the same episode. Fierstein has backpedaled on her comments since her ex-husband was nominated for the prestigious gig.

“I regret my decision to appear on that show,” Fierstein wrote last month, according to Politico. “They asked me to appear as a panel member to discuss the issue of adult abuse. I was hesitant but encouraged by friends and became caught up in the notion of a free trip to Chicago and being a champion of women and women’s issues.”

However, not everyone believes her new version of the events.

“I totally believe that she was abused,” the woman who supplied the video told Politico. “Powerful men have a way of convincing you that they didn’t do it. I do believe that she was abused.”