Trumps Tosses Binders to Ground During Infrastructure Speech to Prove Point (Video)

“These binders make you do unnecessary things,” president says. “They actually make it worse”

President Donald Trump threw large binders to the ground to demonstrate how much “nonsense” paperwork goes into infrastructure proposals during an appearance at the Department of Transportation headquarters on Friday.

The president flipped through binders that he said contained endless “nonsense” paperwork that would be required for an 18-mile road in Maryland, tossing them aside when he was finished for dramatic effect.

The binders, which contained environmental impact statements, banged against the ground.

The president said the report was $29 million and weighed 70 pounds before stepping away from the microphone for the demonstration.

Trump said the binders could be easily replaced by a few simple pages and would be “just as good.”

“These binders make you do unnecessary things,” Trump said. “They actually make it worse.”

Some of the paperwork in the binders is aimed at protecting the environment and insuring community input, but Trump has pledged to streamline the process and make building easier. He called the current process “painfully slow” and “unnecessarily burdensome.”

Members of Congress and state transportation officials were in the audience for the hands-on demonstration.