‘Truth and Justice’ Host Bob Ruff Turned Podcast on Murder Into a TV Special

Ruff’s two-part series highlighting the slain victims in the West Memphis Three case premieres Saturday on Oxygen

West Memphis Three

Bob Ruff is taking the case of the “West Memphis Three” from his “Truth and Justice” podcast to Oxygen Saturday because “something [was] missing from the investigation from the media from everything that was there” when the investigation took place in 1993.

“There was never any focus on the victims,” he told TheWrap, saying that the case of the West Memphis Three has always focused on the three wrongly-convicted young men who were initially held responsible, but rarely the three boys who were killed.

“Any proper investigation should always start with a study of what we call victimology  and get a really good understanding of victims to retrace their steps establish any risk factors and then start an investigation in concentric circles around that happening,” he went on. “In ’93, the original investigators when the bodies were pulled out of the water, they saw the gruesomeness of the scene in the midst of satanic panic and determined this must have been a ritualistic killing.”

The goal of his podcast and now his follow-up show on Oxygen, Ruff said, is to re-examine in the case with the hope of revealing the truth and bringing justice to the families of Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers, the “forgotten” West Memphis Three.

“The Forgotten West Memphis Three” two-part special airs on Saturday, March 28, and Sunday, March 29, at 8 p.m. ET.