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TruTV Flips Off Critic After NCAA Dig

Channel decides to let its finger do the talking after it’s accused of being irrelevant once the first round of March Madness is over

Apparently TruTV isn’t afraid of pointing fingers when they feel somebody’s out of line.

The channel took aim at a critic on social media who suggested that the network is irrelevant when it’s not broadcasting the NCAA Tournament.

“With the first round done, truTV goes back to being an irrelevant channel for 361 days,” Pick Six Previews tweeted on Saturday, along with a chart showing year-to-year spikes for the phrase “What channel is TruTV,” corresponding to each March.

The channel wasted little time in making a point of its own, in the form of an extended middle finger.

“You’re good at interpreting charts! What do you make of this one?” TruTV fired back, linking to a chart which formed a hand flipping the bird.

When Pick Six Previews attempted to gain the high ground by pointing out TruTV’s hilarious, if admittedly juvenile, tweet, the channel refused to back down.

“@PickSixPreviews That graph shows yearly spikes in search terms, not viewership,” TruTV hit back. “You took a cheap, snarky shot at us & we answered in kind.”

TruTV: The Michael Jordan of snotty social-media retorts. Or something.

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