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Tucker Carlson Piggybacks on Kathy Griffin’s Slam, Blasts Lisa Bloom as ‘Feminist Al Sharpton’ (Video)

“Turns out Lisa Bloom is exactly what you thought she is, a moral cover for hire,” crows Carlson

On the set of his Fox News program Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson dedicated a brutal one-minute segment to Lisa Bloom. Carlson took a moment to revel in news of discord between Bloom and her former client Kathy Griffin.

“Turns out Lisa Bloom is exactly what you thought she is, a moral cover for hire, a feminist Al Sharpton, a scam- artist,” crowed Carlson in response to news that Griffin severed ties with Bloom, who the comedian said  practices “fake feminism” and is a “fame whore.”

“That revelation is not surprising obviously,” said Carlson. “Now that Bloom is also accused of offering bribes to people to be nice to Harvey Weinstein.”

Bloom caught significant heat for her decision to represent Harvey Weinstein as the first allegations against him began to unfold — including a rebuke from her own mother, Gloria Allred. Though Bloom later dropped the disgraced Hollywood mogul, the criticism has continued.

Bloom represented Griffin during her own unfortunate turn in the spotlight after that simulated Trump decapitation photo. Fallout over Griffin’s widely panned performance reportedly played a role in ending the relationship.

“Rev. Al is a great civil rights leader and I am honored to be compared to him,” Bloom told TheWrap. She also released a statement addressing Griffin via Twitter.