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Tucker Carlson Called Out for ‘Sneering’ at Fellow Fox Host Juan Williams (Video)

Carlson and Williams got into it Monday while discussing the country’s infrastructure

Tucker Carlson got into a heated exchange with fellow Fox News host Juan Williams Monday, and the way Carlson mocked and cut off Williams prompted immediate backlash from many viewers.

Shortly after the contentious exchange about infrastructure and proposed new gas taxes that aired on “The Five,” Daily Beast editor Justin Baragona noted, “Just check out the amount of sneering and snickering disdain Tucker shows his colleague Juan Williams during this exchange, complete with his over-the-top laughter. Watching this, it shows that Tucker has absolutely no fear of any reprisals for his behavior at Fox and he’s the boss. He can treat any of his co-workers with however much disrespect he deems fit, and nobody can do anything about it.”

After Baragona tweeted the clip, people began to roast Carlson, especially his “creepy giggling.”

“Tucker goes into a panic when actual facts are being spoken in front of him,” The Basketball Writers editor-in-chief Kelly Scaletta said.

Another viewer asked if the show was a joke about Carlson’s intelligence: “The Five…are we talking about Tucker Carlson‘s IQ again?”

During the segment, Carlson balked at a new plan from the Biden administration aimed at fixing the nation’s aging transportation system. He also criticized a proposal that was floated — but quickly retracted after a significant public backlash — by new Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to enact a miles-based tax that would require more frequent drivers to pay more toward road upkeep.

“Biden plans to roll out another $3 trillion plan this week. It’s for something called infrastructure. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has an idea of how to pay for it: by taxing drivers by the mile,” Carlson said. He then threw to Williams, who pointed out that people have in fact been paying taxes on gas for a long time.

“So pay more, good! Tax the overtaxed. Is that your point?” Carlson asked, interrupting Williams.

Williams noted the widespread support for the tax. “They all say the GDP is going up,” and the tax is “going to be great for the economy.” He then said, “The problem comes from Republicans” who don’t want to raise a deficit unless they can cut taxes for the “very rich.”

As Williams was speaking, Carlson cut him off, by yelling, “Got it, got it, got it,” repeatedly.

A frustrated Williams then told Carlson, “I’m going to tell you something,” to which Carlson replied, “No, you haven’t told me anything” and let out a high-pitched giggle, adding, ” Not one thing!”

Carlson then cut off the rest of Williams’ statement to threw to “The Five” co-host Dana Perino.

Check out more reactions to the segment (and Carlson’s original remarks) below.