Tucker Carlson Continues His Attack on Teen Vogue Writer Lauren Duca (Video)

“Sad, little man” Duca tweets back in response

Last Updated: May 26, 2017 @ 7:52 AM

Tucker Carlson reignited his brawl with Teen Vogue reporter Lauren Duca on Thursday night, with the Fox News host blasting her as a “not very impressive 26-year-old blogger.”

The two famously had a cable news clash in 2016: Duca called Carlson a “partisan hack,” while the Fox News host endlessly mocked her credibility.

On Thursday, Carlson offered a non-apology for the months-old incident, saying Duca “delivered a performance so mindless and nasty that I lost control and snapped at her. I shouldn’t have done it, but I did.”

Carlson claimed the moment on his Fox News program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” made Duca a “progressive hero,” and brought it up because she has made news once again.

“Now, we’re happy to make people famous, even not-very impressive 26-year old bloggers like Lauren Duca,” Carlson said. “It turns out that when she’s not barking on cable television or writing vapid pieces for teen magazines, Duca has yet another hobby… fantasizing about the deaths of her political enemies,” Carlson said before referencing a picture she tweeted of President Trump’s plane crashing.

“Duca later bravely deleted the tweet, but fortunately, the Internet never forgets,” Carlson said. “The left has gone insane.”

Duca responded via Twitter, writing, “Lol” with a screen grab of the extra attention Carlson was providing in real time.

She also called him a “sad, little man” in a follow-up tweet.

Carlson first started feuding with Duca last year when she called him out repeatedly during an interview on his Fox News show for twisting her words about Ivanka Trump.

The Fox News host confronted Duca for tweeting about Donald Trump’s daughter in wake of a man lashing out at her on an airplane. After the reporter made it clear she did not condone the passenger shouting, “Your father is ruining the country,” Carlson shot back, “But wait a second, that’s not at all what your tweet suggested.”

“My tweet didn’t talk about the plane at all actually, so what are you referring to?” she asked. The two went on to argue for an extended period, before Carlson mocked her Teen Vogue content, “You should stick to the thigh-high boots. You’re better at that.”

Check out the video above.