Tucker Carlson Lays Into USA Today Editor for Comparing Steve Bannon to ISIS (Video)

Bannon also believes “in a war between Islam and the West,” argues David Mastio

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson squared off with USA Today deputy editorial page editor David Mastio over the paper’s recent editorial that likened White House chief strategist Steve Bannon to the terror organization ISIS.

Titled, “What Bannon shares with ISIL leader: Our view,” the USA Today editorial begins: “What does President Trump’s chief strategist have in common with the leader of the Islamic State terror group? Both Steve Bannon and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi share similar world views. Both harbor apocalyptic visions of a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West.”

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” started off his rhetorical face-off with Mastio by playing a game called “who did it?” Carlson then asked the USA Today editor whether it was Bannon or al-Baghdadi who committed a series of acts including beheading journalists, using chemical weapons and declaring a caliphate. The answer to all of them was obviously al-Baghdadi, which resulted in Carlson criticizing the paper’s comparison.

Carlson said, “I get that you don’t like Steve Bannon. Totally legitimate. Problems with Steve Bannon, I understand. But comparing him to the head of ISIS is over the top, no?”

Mastio countered by saying Bannon “shares a dangerous idea that plays right into the idea of al-Baghdadi” — specifically believing in a war between Islam and the West.

Carlson disagreed and pointed to USA Today including Bannon saying Islam is a “religion of submission.” He added that the paper was treating “actual truths as verboten.”

Mastio wouldn’t answer why the comment that is Carlson said is “literally true” was included in the piece and the Fox News host repeatedly asked the same question.

Mastio started to appear extremely uncomfortable, looking off camera, and eventually said he didn’t write the piece himself.

“I assumed you were coming to speak on behalf of the editorials,” Carlson said.

Did Carlson successfully refute Mastio? You decide.

Check out the video above.