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Tucker Carlson, CT Gov Clash Over Illegal Immigration: ‘The President Can’t Order Us To Do Federal Work’ (Video)

”How does your action today make the lives of tax-paying Connecticut residents better?“ asks Fox News host

Fox News host Tucker Carlson clashed with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy on Thursday night over Malloy’s decision to ignore President Donald Trump’s requests to detain undocumented immigrants.

“The President can’t order us to do federal work,” Malloy said. “Quite frankly, the federal government should do its own job and get it done.”

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host noted that the state has “gotten worse” under Malloy, pointing to businesses leaving the state.

Malloy got defensive and anyone who regularly watched Carlson probably got the sense things would quickly escalate.

Then Carlson asked, “How does your action today make the lives of tax-paying Connecticut residents better?”

Malloy pointed to positive developments occurring in his state, such as lower crime rates and increased housing opportunities before going back to his decision not to detain undocumented immigrants, regardless of Trump’s request.

“What you’re arguing is that we should do something that we’re not required to do, that we should expend state resources doing a federal job, and at the same time you’re saying, ‘Why are you saying you don’t want to do that? You shouldn’t be having that fight. You should be doing other things,'” Malloy said.

Carlson fired back, “People in the state are worried… How will making it easier for people who are here illegally to stay in our state, how does that improve our lives?”

Malloy denied that he was making it easier for illegals to stay in the state. Carlson continued to disagree.

Check out the video above.