Tucker Carlson: Staffers ‘Would Resign in Protest’ if Fox News Said Domestic Terrorism Is Worse Than Foreign (Video)

“No show on this channel would ever put that on the air, ever,” Fox News host says

Tucker Carlson believes that many of his colleagues at Fox News would “resign in protest” if anyone on the network said that the threat of domestic terrorism was worse than threats coming from foreign terrorists overseas.

Since President Biden gave his inauguration speech warning about the “rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism,” Carlson has been beating the drum that the left views all aggrieved Republicans who voted for Trump as terrorists. He continued that train of thought Friday night by saying that it’s not Fox News that’s extreme, but rather the other networks like CNN and MSNBC that are radical for suggesting that some Americans might be the problem.

“‘American citizens are more dangerous than foreign terrorists.’ You often hear people say ‘Fox is so extreme, the Fox News channel is so extreme’ — no show on this channel would ever put that on the air, ever,” Carlson said Friday night. “And if anyone did, people would resign in protest because that is completely untrue and completely reckless.”

Carlson shared a clip of former CIA director John Brennan speaking about domestic terrorism on MSNBC. Brennan was explaining that when hunting al-Qaeda, it was often looking for individuals numbering in the “single digits” and that many people who might be willing to commit violence in America are far more prevalent and are already equipped with the weapons to do so. Here’s how Carlson interpreted Brennan’s comment:

“John Brennan, the former CIA director, has isolated the real problem. The real problem is you. According to Brennan, anyone who disagrees with, say, Susan Rice is worse than Osama bin Laden and more dangerous,” Carlson said. “These people, meaning you, have the weapons, these terrorists — and by terrorists Brennan means tens of millions of Americans who have a firearm at home and didn’t vote for Joe Biden — they’re the threat, and we need to hunt them as we hunted al-Qaeda. You just saw the clip! That’s what he said!”

See Carlson’s full segment above.


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