Tucker Carlson Dumbfounded by College Student’s Call for ‘Flipping Cars’ to Protest Trump (Video)

The Fox News host laughs at University of Chicago student’s call for “real action” against president-elect

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson ripped a University of Chicago student for saying incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer should not be allowed to speak at the university and eventually laughed in the student’s face on live TV.

Jake Bittle, a senior who is the editor of the paper, appeared on Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to defend his recent comments that he was “planning to start projectile vomiting five minutes into the discussion” with Spicer.

Bittle also wrote about a potential Spicer appearance at the school in his paper: “Now, we are faced with a real crisis with the election of term. We must take real action, the Ivy League translation of the vulgar give Trump a chance. Real action, human, donating money to the ACLU, to Standing Rock, Planned Parenthood, call your representatives, protest, flipping cars when Trump walks away from the Paris Climate Agreement, attacking racists, attacking people in the supermarket, whatever it takes.”

Tucker, who felt that Bittle’s comments are the opposite of free speech, had “a bunch of questions” for the student.

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host started with, “Whose cars are you going to flip?”

Bittle responded by saying Carlson was focusing on the “exaggerated” parts of his article. The two argued back and forth, despite Carlson complimenting Bittle’s tie, and the Fox News host eventually looked completely dumbfounded as Bittle attempted to explain himself.

Watch the video above