Tucker Carlson, Huffington Post Writer Clash Over Trump: ‘Your Point Is Stupid’ (Video)

“You don’t have a point,” the Fox News host tells Alex Mohajer

Last Updated: January 19, 2017 @ 7:43 AM

Tucker Carlson ripped Huffington Post writer Alex Mohajer as “so stupid” and a “Democratic political operative” for writing a piece calling on a federal judge to step in to prevent Donald Trump’s inauguration because “Hillary Clinton is the rightful President-elect of the United States.”

It’s safe to say Carlson doesn’t agree with that theory.

“How does this work exactly?” Carlson said on his Fox News show Wednesday, kicking off a combative interview with Mohajer. “I mean, the rest of us sort of assume that once you win the presidential election, you get to be president. But you say no.”

Mohajer pointed to Clinton winning the popular vote, Russian interference and the infamous letter FBI director James Comey sent to lawmakers prior the election regarding Clinton’s email scandal.

Carlson then moved on to part of Mohajer’s piece that cited the Executive Intelligence Review, which the Fox News host said is a publication by well-known conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche.

While laughing, Carlson asked if Mohajer really thought it was a legitimate news source.

But Mohajer fired back to Carlson: “You were the editor and chief of the Daily Caller, which for like a decade called into question Barrack Obama’s legitimacy as the president based on his race. Your very own website ran some pretty racist, terrible junk.”

Mohajer went on to say that Donald Trump has been taking secret trips to Russia since the 1980s, which resulted in Carlson threatening to end the interview.

“This is so stupid, I can’t go on,” Carlson said while laughing. “You don’t have a point. Your point is stupid.”

Check out the video above.


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