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Tucker Carlson Guest Ties Jussie Smollett Case to Communists, Black Panthers, Kamala Harris (Video)

“This is the reason why President Trump won,” Chadwick Moore says

Last Updated: March 27, 2019 @ 8:09 AM

A guest on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday offered a unique explanation of the ongoing saga surrounding Jussie Smollett, tying the “Empire” star to communists, the Black Panthers and California Senator Kamala Harris, plus billionaire financier George Soros and even the Obamas.

“Not only did Smollett grow up in a communist household with ties to the Black Panthers, but he also works with Kamala Harris … one of the first Democrats to jump on this hoax — this obvious hoax — to use it to advance her own political agenda,” right wing journalist Chadwick Moore said.

“And then also on the other side of the political spectrum, you have [Cook County State’s Attorney] Kim Foxx … Kamala Harris was her mentor. Kim Foxx’s campaign was funded by George Soros — we know this now — and all it takes was a phone call from the Obamas to drop this prosecution,” he continued.

“This is the reason why President Trump won,” Moore concluded.

Reps for Smollett declined to comment.

Moore, who appears on Carlson’s program from time to time to discuss LGBT and related issues, is a close associate of former Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos. He previously served as editor-in-chief of Milo’s website, “Dangerous.com,” before it went bust. Moore also frequently wrote for the site, included pieces like “I DON’T BELIEVE RAPE CLAIMS ANYMORE. THAT’S THE TRUE LEGACY OF #METOO.”

On Tuesday, prosecutors abruptly dropped all charges against Smollett, who has been accused by Chicago police of fabricating a hate crime in order to raise his national profile and secure a raise for his work on “Empire.” The decision was sharply denounced by the city’s Democratic mayor Rahm Emanuel, who called it a “whitewash of justice” in a press conference.

“Mr. Smollett is still saying that he is innocent, still running down the Chicago Police department. How dare him. How dare him,” Emanuel said. “[This] sends a clear message that if you’re in a position of influence and power you’ll get treated one way, other people will get treated another way. There is no accountability, then, in the system. It is wrong. Full stop.”

That sentiment was largely echoed by Chicago PD leadership, who spent weeks investigating the allegations before concluding it was a hoax. Nevertheless, Smollett’s legal team took a victory lap, with lawyer Mark Geragos maintaining his client’s innocence.

“Jussie was attacked by two people he was unable to identify. He was a victim and was victimized again in a rush to judgment,”¬†he said¬† in a tweet.“Apologies accepted.”