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Tucker Carlson Discredits Fake Inauguration Protest Organizer on Live TV (Video)

”We shifted from being against Trump to Trump about 30 minutes ago,“ man claiming to be a protest organizer says

Tucker Carlson conducted one of the most entertaining interviews in recent memory on Tuesday night when he discredited a protest organizer identifying himself as Dom Tullipso.

Carlson discussed paid protestors who will descend upon Washington D.C. for Donald Trump’s inauguration before introducing the Demand Protest leader as a guest. Before Tullipso said anything, Carlson essentially ripped him apart.

“This is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies, this is a hoax,” Carlson said. “Let me start at the beginning, however, with your name, Dom Tullipso, which is not your real name. It’s a fake name, we ran you through law enforcement-level background checks and that name does not exist. So let’s start out with the truth. Tell me what your real name is.”

The man said, “It’s Dominic Tullipso, the Ls are silent.”

“That’s a lie,” Carlson responded. “And you know it’s a lie.”

Demand Protest describes itself as the largest grassroots support organizations in the United States and Carlson originally invited the man on his show to discuss inauguration protests, but it seems that when Carlson realized the group was fake, he let the man come on his show anyway to make a point. What Carlson was not expected was the Academy Award-level acting that would ensue.

The man known as Tullipso never cracked a smile and stayed in character the entire time, saying gems such as, “We are greatly, greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Peyton Manning” and “We shifted from being against Trump to Trump about 30 minutes ago.”

No, he did not mean Chelsea Manning, because he repeated Peyton a few moments later, forcing Carlson himself to find humor in the situation.

The guest regularly mentioned vetting and said a legit news organization wouldn’t give someone airtime who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. At one point he said his group pays protestors $80 million a year, which Carlson clearly didn’t believe.

“What we’re doing now, we’re actually protesting the protestors,” the man said.

Carlson again shot down the claims and repeatedly asked what point he was trying to make. Eventually, the Fox News host started laughing and playing along, calling it “performance art.”

“I’m just surprised you put me on,” the man said to conclude the interview.

Watch the video above.

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