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Tucker Carlson Launches ‘Men in America’ Series to Air During Women’s History Month

”We hear a lot about female empowerment in this country,“ says Fox News host on his program

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson will unveil a new series Wednesday focusing on “Men in America.” On his program Tuesday night, the primetime pundit teased the feature, warning his audience that the situation was grim.

“We took a close look at the numbers and we found them so shocking that we’re devoting the month of March to a special series on men in America,” he said. “You’ll be stunned by the scope of the crisis. We were. It’s a largely ignored disaster and it is a disaster. It affects every person in America.”

March also happens to be Women’s History Month — a point that went overlooked.

“We hear a lot about female empowerment in this country,” said Carlson. “But for some reason, you almost never hear about how men are doing in America.”

Carlson took care to note that he wasn’t against female empowerment, but just wanted everyone to be empowered.

The first segment airs tonight as Carlson welcomes controversial Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson to the show.

News of the new segment raised some predictable groans on Twitter.