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Tucker Carlson: ‘Normal People Can’t Live’ in California, State Dominated by ‘Tech Oligarchs’

”The state increasingly consists of tech oligarchs and their imported low-wage servants,“ says Carlson in a broad attack on the Golden State

Can normal humans live in California? No, says Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who derided the state on his show Thursday as a third world style dystopia dominated by illegal aliens and “tech oligarchs.”

“44 percent of Californians now do not speak English at home. The state no longer has a common language or a common culture, it’s infrastructure is collapsing, debt is out of control, schools are unusable, public spaces are filthy. The middle class is fleeing California for all those reasons. Normal people can’t live there anymore,” Carlson said.

The message of doom and gloom continued as Carlson ripped the Golden State.

“The state increasingly consists of tech oligarchs and their imported low-wage servants, that’s the point,” he said. “California is developing the economic structure of Latin America. How long before it is Venezuela? You’re not supposed to think about any of that. Our leaders command you not to.”

Carlson’s broader point was that all this is a result of California’s lax policy towards illegal immigrants, and warned about the state’s historical tendency to set national trends.

“In California right now, more than six percent of the entire state is there illegally, that’s about two and a half million people. A million of those have state drivers licenses,” he said, “Politicians in California are very proud of that fact.”

Carlson’s Fox News program is broadcast regularly out of the network’s headquarters — in New York City.

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