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Tucker Carlson’s Panda-Sex Bit? ‘Colbert Report’ Did It! (Video)

Let’s flashback to 2011 for this one

If you’re gonna cover panda sex in primetime, at least find a new angle, Tucker Carlson.

The Fox News host earnestly exposed the bear species’ gross sexual habits for what they are on Monday. One problem: It was in lieu of covering the raid on President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, Stephen Colbert criticized the next night on CBS.

Oh wait, there are actually two problems here: Rival Colbert did the same angle almost seven years ago when he played a self-proclaimed “insane person” on Comedy Central.

“Tucker Carlson stole my bit,” Colbert said on Tuesday’s “Late Show.” “And not just the panda thing: He also stole acting incredibly stupid while wearing an ill-fitting suit.”

Watch the video above, which includes footage from the 2011 “Colbert Report” in question.

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