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‘Daily Show’ Introduces New Streaming Service Tucker+, Featuring Tucker Carlson’s Reactions to Everything (Video)

With Tucker+, you can ”watch someone you love watch something you hate“

Fox News viewers who can’t get enough of Tucker Carlson’s constantly confused looks have a new streaming service, Tucker+, thanks to “The Daily Show.”

“Are you ready to stop watching content you hate? And start watching someone you love watch content you hate?” the fake ad asks. “Introducing Tucker+. The only streaming service that includes a live shot of Tucker Carlson reacting to whatever show is pissing you off.”

“The Daily Show” is poking fun at the fact that Fox News actually did this for President Biden’s primetime address last Thursday. During Biden’s 30-minute speech at the White House, Fox News added a small inset in the bottom right corner of the screen that was just Carlson reacting in real time to whatever Biden was saying (get this — he wasn’t that much of a fan).

That “Live Tucker Reaction” inlay may have been improvised on the fly — the box initially appeared a couple minutes into the speech, and then disappeared after about 30 seconds. It came back a few minutes later, and stayed up for seven minutes before disappearing again. It came and went two more times before the speech ended.

With Tucker+, Carlson will react to the following: “Shows that jab diversity down your throat, or arouse confusing feelings about gender. Shows that humanize immigrants or Muslims. Shows where women own… businesses? And of course, anything with socialism.”

While Tucker+ is obviously a parody (though nothing would surprise us anymore when it comes to streaming services), Fox News is actually bringing its popular primetime host to its real streaming service, Fox News Nation. Carlson will be hosting a video podcast as well as specials called “Tucker Carlson Originals” starting in April.

Watch the video above.