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Tucker Carlson: ‘Sanctimonious’ Justin Trudeau Lived ‘Secret Life as a Racist’ (Video)

”The virtue is always a cover for the sin,“ Fox News host says after pictures of the Canadian prime minister wearing blackface surface

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal has exposed the Canadian prime minister’s inner racism and hypocrisy.

During his show’s opening segment on Thursday night, Carlson ripped Trudeau, calling him a phony that, in reality, is much different than his woke public image.

“He may be the most sanctimonious head of state on planet earth so, of course, he was leading a secret life as a racist,” Carlson said. “That’s why he is so sanctimonious — so you won’t notice.”

Carlson compared Trudeau to the”super-sensitive” feminist brother-in-law who inevitably ends up hitting on the babysitter.

“The virtue is always a cover for the sin,” Carlson added. “That’s the key to understanding the modern left; whatever they’re accusing you of doing, they’re doing themselves, but more enthusiastically. And that’s definitely the story of Justin Trudeau.”

A picture of Trudeau wearing blackface at an “Arabian Nights” gala in 2001 surfaced on Wednesday, immediately sparking criticism. Another picture of Trudeau in blackface was released soon after, followed by a video of him in blackface. Trudeau apologized for the “racist,” in his words, incidents and blamed it on the immense “privilege” he enjoyed as the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Carlson’s ire then turned to CNN’s Don Lemon for accepting Trudeau’s apology. Carlson played a clip of Lemon chuckling on his CNN show while saying: “A leader apologizing, it seems odd, doesn’t it? Because we have one that doesn’t.” This clearly showed Lemon’s — and the left’s — clear double standard, Carlson said because the CNN host had skewered Megyn Kelly last year for saying it was “okay” to wear blackface as part of a costume.