Tucker Carlson Says Joy Reid Is Lying: ‘You’d Have to Be a Moron’ to Believe She Was Hacked’

The Fox News firebrand doesn’t miss an opportunity offer his take on the controversy surrounding his network rival

Tucker Carlson offered his take on Joy Reid Wednesday, blasting the MSNBC host for what he said was dishonesty over old blog posts which Reid says were hacked. Carlson said only a “moron” would believe such a story.

“It’s a childish lie. You would have to be a moron to believe it. Yet she’s telling it,” said Carlson, offering the following explanation:

“It was a total crock, and we know it was a crock because Reid’s blog posts were archived by other websites including the Library of Congress here in Washington all the way back to 2006. That means in order for her claims to be true — which they are not — the secret hacking plot must have begun at least 12 years ago before anyone knew or cared who Joy Reid was. That’s a lie.”

Carlson said MSNBC’s decision to stand behind Reid despite mounting evidence that the hacking claim cannot be true was evidence of a larger pattern of dishonesty at the network.

“NBC … claims itself to be a news organization and news organization are not supposed to lie. That’s rule one. Yet NBC executives make a habit of lying,” said Carlson, who cited the network’s passing on the Harvey Weinstein story and their actions surrounding the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Reid has faced a metastisizing crisis over years-old content from her blog “The Reid Report.” After Mediaite unearthed several disparaging remarks Reid made on the blog earlier this week, the MSNBC host said she had been hacked.

Though Reid already admitted and apologized for similar remarks on this blog back in December, she now says the new findings unearthed by Mediaite were the result of a hacking. The claims came in for swift mockery from all corners, but the host showed no indication of backing down. On Wednesday evening, TheWrap received a statement from her lawyer John H. Reichman saying that the FBI was investigating the matter.

“We have received confirmation the FBI has opened an investigation into potential criminal activities surrounding several online accounts, including personal email and blog accounts, belonging to Joy-Ann Reid,” he said. “Our own investigation and monitoring of the situation will continue in parallel, and we are cooperating with law enforcement as their investigation proceeds.”