Tucker Carlson Slams CNN for ‘Cuckolding Can Be Positive’ Article (Video)

Fox News chyron reads: “Perverse CNN Gets Even Weirder”

Tucker Carlson is no cuckold — so keep your suggestions out of his bedroom, CNN.

That was the Fox News host’s message to his lefter-leaning cable news competition, which this week published what Carlson called a “bizarre” and “propaganda-style” article about the potential benefits of cuckolding for some couples. For those who don’t know, a cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife.

“It’s hard to tell what the intent of the article is except to encourage the breakdown of healthy marriages as they have been understood for — let’s see — all of history,” Carlson addressed the article on Friday. “There’s a common theme on the left which hates the traditional family for reasons that are not really clear.”

The Fox News Channel personality then welcomed guest Joe Concha of The Hill, who agreed with his host’s opinion. Concha, who said that he had to look up the term this week, blamed CNN’s TV ratings for what the two concurred was a desperate pushing-the-envelope story.

Oh, and while they trashed the Turner-owned cable network, Carlson’s chyron read: “Perverse CNN Gets Even Weirder”

Watch the video above.