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Tucker Carlson Taunts Michael Avenatti’s Looks: ‘Eyes Are Too Close Together’ (Video)

Carlson doesn’t mention Avenatti by name and instead calls him the ”creepy porn lawyer“

Tucker Carlson continued his network’s drumbeat against the Stormy Daniels story and her TV hungry attorney Michael Avenatti on Thursday evening — and worked in a pointed shot at Avenatti’s appearance.

“Watch as this MSNBC panel — which is as close to a Democratic party focus group as you’ll ever find — gushes over that porn lawyer, the one whose eyes are too close together. You know the one whose always on television making threats.”

Carlson then played a rather gushing MSNBC segment led by host Stephanie Ruhle which did indeed sing Avenatti’s praises. The context — which Carlson left out — was Ruhle and her panel reacting to Avenatti’s disclosure this week that the money Trump attorney Michael Cohen used to pay Stormy Daniels indirectly came from a Russian oligarch.

“He just keeps popping Donald Trump and all of his folks in the mouth,” said MSNBC regular Eddie Glaude Jr. “Jon Meacham says he may be the savior of the republic.”

Carson was unimpressed with Glaude’s analysis.

“So here’s a political rule of thumb, if the creepy porn lawyer is the ‘savior of the republic’ in your view, you’re probably not trying hard to appeal to middle America,” said Carlson through chuckling.

While Avenatti has stormed sets at CNN and MSNBC from morning to late night, he has been curiously absent from Fox News. Though hosts like Tucker, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham all have no issue disparaging him, all three have demurred on his repeated requests for prime time access to tell his story.

Avenatti has openly challenged Hannity for an interview — something the Trump-aligned host dismissed.

“Michael the world has had Stormy Stormy 24-7 on every low rated show. It’s old news. Learn about Fisa Abuse, lying to Fisa Courts, 18 USC 793, deleting subpoenaed emails, acid washing hard drives, destroying devices with hammers and then u have a shot at the number one show,” Hannity tweeted last month.