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‘Tucker Carlson Tonight': White Christians Are as Endangered as ‘Black Rhinos’

”The black rhinos got an advantage because he’s black,“ adds former Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins on Fox News

The set of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” welcomed former Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins to the program, and she proceeded to compares to talk about the travails of white Christians to black rhinos.

“Being white is considered wrong. Being Christian is considered wrong. Trump is wrong,” she said. “To be a white, Christian conservative woman like myself, I’m right up there on the endangered, you know, animals list, up there with the black rhino and the black rhinos got an advantage because he’s black.”

Carlson smirked at the comment, but otherwise kept a straight face.

“The UK is a democracy, purportedly,” he said of Hopkins’ home country. “You still get to vote there, for the time being.”

The World Wide Fund for Nature currently lists the black rhino as “critically endangered”

The quip was par for the course for Hopkins, who always manages to find a way to make explosive headlines when she finds herself on U.S. television. During a previous appearance on Fox News, she “internment” as a possible solution to European terrorism. She has also faced backlash for tweeting out the need for a “final solution” to the world’s terrorism problem.

You can watch the moment above.

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