TV Pilot Season 2020: TheWrap’s Complete Guide

Here’s the list of ABC, CBS, FOX, CW and NBC projects in contention to go to series

Pilot Season 2020
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It’s pilot season — when broadcast networks decide which of dozens of prospective shows should become full-fledged series.

TheWrap’s complete network pilot guide will keep you up to speed on the status of every project under consideration by ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. In cases where they’ve already ordered a show to series, we’ll say so.

Check back often for regular updates.

ABC: Comedy / Drama

CBS: Comedy / Drama

The CW: Drama

Fox: Comedy / Drama

NBC: Comedy / Drama

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Writer(s): Jimmy Kimmel, Shawn Vance, Daril Fannin
Producer(s): Jimmy Kimmel, Shawn Vance, Daril Fannin
Studio: ABC Studios in association with KIMMELOT
Logline: When a Green Beret returns home to Texas from military service, he and his family struggle with the challenges of adopting his new brother, a 12-year-old Russian boy. Inspired by a true story. (Single Camera)

Writer(s): Michael Colton, John Aboud
Producer(s): Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, Jason Wang
Studio: Lionsgate Television, ABC Studios
Logline: A series about three adult siblings: one in the 1 percent, one middle-class, and one barely holding on. (Single camera)

Writer(s): Shana Goldberg-Meehan
Director: Christine Gernon
Studio: CBS Television Studios, 20th Century Fox Television
Logline: A diva boss with no patience for working parents adopts a baby and has a change of heart, casting her mother-of-three assistant as an unlikely mentor and upending the office dynamics. (Multi-camera)

Writer(s): Kari Lizer
Studio: Sony Pictures Television, ABC Studios
Logline: An empty-nester mom wonders how she ended up alone while her children live their best lives thousands of miles away. She decides her place is with her family and as she reinserts herself into their lives, her kids realize they might actually need her more than they thought.(Multi-camera)
Cast: Kyra Sedgwick

Writer(s): Sherry Bilsing-Graham, Ellen Kreamer
Director: Randall Einhorn
Studio: ABC Studios
Logline: A comedic western with a feminist twist: an idealistic young woman moves to the frontier to be a schoolteacher, but her ideals are quickly tested when she learns that her students are rowdy ranch hands, not children. (Single camera)

Writer(s): David Windsor, Casey Johnson
Producer(s): Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Albert Bianchini, Ryan Seacrest, Nina Wass, Andrea Shay
Director: Todd Holland
Studio: ABC Studios
Logline: Inspired by the real-life partnerships of producers Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and writers Casey Johnson and David Windsor, Work Wife tells the story of a platonic male/female team whose professional success, personal friendship and ability to share deodorant makes their lives work. Set in the world of real estate, Dani and Scott have taken the leap to start their own team. Now feeling the stress of being the boss, they have to rely on the yin-yang of their dynamic more than ever to keep their professional and personal lives afloat. (Single Camera)

Writer(s): Niki Schwartz-Wright
Producer(s): Nahnatchka Khan (Fierce Baby), Jennifer Carreras (Fierce Baby)
Studio(s): Universal Television, 20th Century Fox Television
Logline: The Harmans, a scrappy, blue collar family living in the deep Valley suddenly experience a major culture clash when their fourteen-year-old daughter, Abby, gets accepted to a prestigious LA private high school filled with students and parents who want nothing to do with her, her family or their 818 area code. (Single camera)
Cast: Jason Lee

Writer(s): Emily Kapnek
Director: Dean Holland
Logline: Untitled Kapnek/Holland is a single-cam half hour described as a “love story with a twist” centering on New York City teenager Lennon Cochrane, whose life is turned upside down when she stumbles on a family secret. (Single camera)



THE BIG SKY — Series Order
Writer(s): David E. Kelley
Producer(s): Ross Fineman, C.J. Box
Studio: A+E Studios, 20th Century Fox Television
Logline: In this procedural thriller, private detective Cassie Dewell partners with ex-cop Jenny Hoyt on a search for two sisters who have been kidnapped by a truck driver on a remote highway in Montana. But when they discover that these are not the only girls who have disappeared in the area, they must race against the clock to stop the killer before another woman is taken.

Writer(s): Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Producer(s): Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter
Director: Maggie Kiley
Studio: ABC Studios, Warner Bros. Television, Berlanti Productions
Logline: A sexy contemporary reimagining of “Dracula,” is a family drama with a trio of powerful female leads at its heart. With strong horror elements, “The Brides” is a vampire soap about empowered, immortal women and the things they do to maintain wealth, prestige, legacy — and their nontraditional family.
Cast: Gina Torres

Writer(s): Zahir McGhee
Producer(s): Marcus Samuelsson, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Laurie Zaks
Studio: ABC Studios
Logline: An ensemble family drama set in a fine dining restaurant in Harlem. Ellis Rice, Executive Chef and patriarch, runs a successful restaurant with his wife and three daughters. But an unexpected death thrusts the family into turmoil and puts the restaurant’s future in jeopardy as long-buried secrets are revealed.

Writer(s): Krista Vernoff
Producer(s): Davis Entertainment, Alexandre Schmitt, Erin Brockovich
Studio: ABC Studios/Sony Pictures Television
Logline: “Rebel” is inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich today. Annie “Rebel” Bello is a blue collar legal advocate without a law degree. A funny, messy, brilliant and fearless woman who cares desperately about the causes she fights for and the people she loves. When Rebel applies herself to a fight she believes in, she will win at almost any cost.
Cast: Katey Sagal

Writer(s): Marshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick
Director: Edward Zwick
Studio: ABC Studios, MGM Television
Logline: A sequel to the groundbreaking series “thirtysomething,” which follows an ensemble of new faces playing the grown-up, 30-something children of the original cast. Apparently, raising children (even grown children) never ends, but who could have known how hard it would be for them to raise their parents?
Cast: Ken Olin, Mel Harris, Timothy Busfield, Patty Wettig, Auden Thornton

Writer(s): David Cornue, Erica Messer
Producer(s): Steven Marrs, Courtney Hazlett, Caitlin Foito
Director: Jon M. Chu
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Logline: A character-driven medical drama that follows a pioneering surgeon, Finley Briar, over three distinct decades at the same hospital. With the evolution of medicine as the backdrop, the show explores the interconnected careers, friendships, and romances of Finley and her colleagues, and their tenuous relationship with time.

Writer(s): Jacquie Walters
Producer(s): Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Mark Martin, Keith Samples
Director: Marc Webb
Studio: ABC Studios
Logline: On the surface, Lillian Linden looks like a brave survivor of a plane crash. But she’s been lying to her family, her friends, and the whole world since rescue helicopters scooped her and her fellow survivor, Dave Hall, off a deserted island in the South Pacific. Missing for almost four years, the castaways are thrust into the spotlight after their rescue, becoming media darlings overnight. But they can’t tell the real story–so they lie.

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CBS logo


Writer(s): Marco Pennette
Producer(s): Chuck Lorre
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre Productions
Logline: Faced with finding a kidney donor, newly divorced dad Drew is at the end of his rope when he runs into Gina, a rough-around-the edges woman from his past who volunteers her own. Together they form an unlikely bond and begin a journey that will change both of their lives. (Multi-camera)

Writer(s): Joe Port, Joe Wiseman
Producer(s): Mathew Baynton, Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, Laurence Rickard, Ben Willbond, Martha Howe-Douglas, Alison Carpenter, Debra Hayward, Alison Owen, Angie Stephenson
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Lionsgate Television, BBC Studios
Logline: A struggling young couple’s dreams come true when they inherit a beautiful country house, only to find it’s both falling apart and inhabited by many of the deceased previous residents. (Single camera)

Writer(s): Frank Pines
Producer(s): Ben Winston, Jeff Grosvenor, James Corden
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Fulwell 73
Logline: Adult siblings who are children of divorce must circle the wagons when their sister’s husband unexpectedly announces he wants to call it quits on their marriage. (Multi-camera)

Writer(s): Max Mutchnick, David Kohan
Producer(s): Ben Winston, Jeff Grosvenor
Studio: Universal Television Studios
Logline: Frankie Wolfe is an unfiltered, irreverent, powerful businesswoman with no personal life. When Frankie’s impossibly fragile and neurotic sister, Tommie, abandons Quincy – an incredibly bright inner-city child who Tommie attempted to foster – Frankie is faced with the choice of taking him in or casting him back out. Can these two lonely, damaged people find the love and companionship that has eluded them their whole lives? (Multi-camera)

Writer(s): David Goetsch, Maria Ferrari
Producer(s): Chuck Lorre, Reza Aslan, Mahyad Tousi
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre Productions
Logline: A comedy about the friendship between Riley, a Marine combat veteran struggling to readjust to civilian life in Ohio, and Awalmir (Al), the Afghan interpreter who served with his unit and has just arrived to start a new life in America. (Multi-camera)

Writer(s): Dana Klein and Stephanie Darrow
Producer(s): James Acaster, Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Logline: A group of jurors are sequestered together until they all agree on a verdict…and they can’t even agree on lunch. (Hybrid)

Writer(s): Corinne Kingsbury, John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
Producer(s): Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor, Wendi Trilling
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Logline: When Penelope’s career takes off at exactly the same time as her husband’s, they call on Penelope’s young single mom, Georgia, to help raise their son, but what they find is Georgia needs more raising than their kid. (Multi-camera)

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CLARICE — Series Commitment
Writer(s): Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet
Producer(s): Heather Kadin, Aaron Baiers
Studio: MGM Television, CBS Television Studios, Secret Hideout
Logline: It’s 1993, a year after the events of “The Silence of the Lambs.” CLARICE is a deep dive into the untold personal story of Clarice Starling as she returns to the field to pursue serial murderers and sexual predators while navigating the high stakes political world of Washington, D.C.

Writer(s): Andrew Marlowe, Terri Miller
Producer(s): Dana Owens (Queen Latifah), John Davis, John Fox , Debra Martin Chase, Richard Lindheim, Shakim Compere
Studio: Universal Television Studios, CBS Television Studios, Davis Entertainment, Martin Chase Productions, Flavor Unit
Logline: A reimagining of the classic series in which an enigmatic figure uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.
Cast: Queen Latifah

Writer(s): Katie Wech
Producer(s): Jennie Snyder Urman, Joanna Klein
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Sutton St. Productions
Logline: A talented yet stifled surgeon embraces her leadership role after her renowned and pompous boss falls into a coma. When he awakens and wants to resume surgery, however, it falls to her to supervise this overbearing blowhard who never acknowledged her talents — and also happens to be her father.

Writer(s): Evan Katz
Producer(s): Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Logline: Upon learning that his impending retirement is being pushed off by several years, an apathetic LAPD detective who just wants his pension so he can go off and live the good life decides to do everything in his power to get fired, but his bad behavior only leads to surprising success at solving cases.

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The CW logo

CW Drama

Writer(s): Christina M. Kim
Producer(s): Martin Gero, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, Quinn’s House, Berlanti Productions
Logline: A quarter-life crisis causes a young Chinese-American woman to drop out of college and go on a life-changing journey to an isolated monastery in China. But when she returns to find her hometown overrun with crime and corruption, she uses her martial arts skills and Shaolin values to protect her community and bring criminals to justice…all while searching for the assassin who killed her Shaolin mentor and is now targeting her.

Writer(s): Heather Mitchell, Rob Thomas
Producer(s): Dan Etheridge, Mike Karz, Bill Bindley, Rebecca Franko, Juliana Janes
Director: Marcos Siega
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Logline: When a mother and her gen z sons move to the seaside town where she grew up, they discover there’s a sinister reason the local cool kids sleep all day, party all night, never grow up and never get old. Family bonds are tested as the brothers find themselves on opposite sides of a mythological struggle. Based on the 1987 cult classic that revolutionized how we think about vampires.

Writer(s): Merigan Mulhern
Producer(s): Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Warren Hsu Leonard, Lis Rowinski
Director: Larry Teng
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Fake Empire
Logline: In a present day America that finds itself under authoritarian rule, the President’s daughter – raised to believe her father is moral and benevolent – has her worldview rocked on her first day at Georgetown. Challenged by her fellow students, and under the watchful eye of Secret Service agents, she’ll have to decide if her loyalties lie with her family or with a growing resistance as she navigates her freshman year.
Cast: Reina Hardesty, Nandy Martin, Zainne Saleh

Writer(s): Jeffrey Paul King
Producer(s): Marc Webb, Mark Martin, Jeff Grosvenor, Leo Pearlman
Studio: CBS Television Studios
Logline: Faced with the destruction of her town at the hands of a greedy mining company, rebellious high school teacher Sarah Cooper utilizes an obscure cartographical loophole to declare independence. Now Sarah must lead a young group of misfits as they attempt to start their own country from scratch.

SUPERMAN & LOIS — Series Order
Writer(s): Todd Helbing
Producer(s): Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns
Studio: Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television
Logline: Follows the world’s most famous Super Hero and comic books’ most famous journalist as they deal with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society. Based on the characters from DC created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
Cast: Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloc

WALKER — Series Order
Writer(s): Anna Fricke
Producer(s): Dan Lin, Lindsay Liberatore, Jared Padalecki
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Rideback.
Logline: A reimagining of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Centers on Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, who returns home to Austin after being undercover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home. He’ll attempt to reconnect with his children, navigate clashes with his family, and find unexpected common ground with his new partner (one of the first women in Texas Rangers’ history), while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.
Cast: Jared Padalecki

UNTITLED THE 100 PREQUEL — Backdoor Pilot Production Order
Writer(s): Jason Rothenberg
Producer(s): Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo
Studio: Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, CBS Television Studios
Logline: Set 97 years before the events of the original series, this project — which is currently being developed as a planted spinoff and will air as an episode of THE 100’s final season — starts with the end of the world, a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out most of the human population on Earth. The epic adventure follows a band of survivors on the ground as they learn to cope in a dangerous world while fighting to create a new and better society from the ashes of what came before.

UNTITLED ARROW SPINOFF — Backdoor Pilot Production Order
Writer(s): Beth Schwartz, Mark Guggenheim, Jill Blankenship, Oscar Balderrama
Producer(s): Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter
Studio: Warner Bros. TV, DC Entertainment
Logline: Spinoff following the women of Arrow.
Cast: Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy

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Fox logo


CALL ME KAT (f.k.a. Carla) — Series Commitment
Writer(s): Darlene Hunt
Producer(s): Jim Parsons, Todd Spiewak, Angie Stephenson, Miranda Hart, Eric Norsoph, Mackenzie Gabriel-Vaught, Mayim Bialik
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, FOX Entertainment, That’s Wonderful Productions, Sad Clown Productions, BBC Studios
Logline: Carla is a 39-year-old woman who struggles every day against society and her mother to prove that you CANNOT have everything you want — and still be happy. Which is why she spent the money her parents set aside for her wedding to open a Cat Café in Louisville, KY. Based on the BBC UK original seriesMiranda, created by Miranda Hart. (Multi-camera)
Cast: Mayim Bialik, Cheyenne Jackson

HOUSEBROKEN — Series Order
Writer(s): Clea DuVall, Jennifer Crittenden, Gabrielle Allan
Producer(s): Sharon Horgan, Clelia Mountford, Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor
Studio: Fox Entertainment, Kapital Entertainment, Bento Box
Logline: Explores human dysfunction and neurosis through a group of neighborhood animals who live in the suburbs. (Animated)
Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Clea DuVall, Sharon Horgan, Nat Faxon, Will Forte, Tony Hale, Jason Mantzoukas, Sam Richardson, Bresha Webb, Greta Lee

Writer(s): Liz Astrof
Producer(s): Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, FOX Entertainment, Kapital Entertainment
Logline: PIVOTING follows three women after the death of their childhood best friend. Faced with the reality that life is short, in desperate attempts to find happiness, they make a series of impulsive, ill-advised and self-indulgent decisions, strengthening their bond proving it’s never too late to screw up your life. (Single camera)

Writer(s): Jenny Bicks
Producer(s): Angie Stephenson, Charlie Cooper, Daisy May Cooper, Dan Magnante, Cathy Mason, Rachel Mason
Director: Paul Feig
Studio: Lionsgate, BBC Studios, FOX Entertainment, Feigco Entertainment, Perkins Street Productions
Logline: In this half-hour mockumentary inspired by the BBC format, a documentary crew goes to a small town to study young adults and their current concerns. Their focus is the daily lives of cousins Kelly and Shrub Mallet and their idiosyncratic surroundings. We follow the cousins as they pursue their dreams, confront challenges, and fight each other for frozen pizza. These two don’t have much, but they do have each other. (Single camera)

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Writer(s): Liz Heldens
Producer(s): Sue Naegle
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television, FOX Entertainment
Logline: Inspired by a UK format, THE BIG LEAP is a funny and contemporary tale about second chances, chasing your dreams and taking back what’s yours. The show centers on a group of diverse underdogs from all different walks of life who compete to be part of a competition reality series that is putting on a modern, hip remake of “Swan Lake.” What they lack in the traditional dancer body type, they make up for with their edge, wit and desire to reimagine an iconic story to fit their own mold. THE BIG LEAP takes us on a journey of self-acceptance, body-positivity and empowerment at any age.

Writer(s): Miranda Kwok
Producer(s): Shay Mitchell, Melissa Carter
Studio: Warner Bros Television, FOX Entertainment
Logline: A darkly aspirational character drama about a whip-smart doctor who comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her ailing son. But when the system fails and pushes her into hiding, she refuses to be beaten down and marginalized. Instead, she becomes a cleaning lady for the mob and starts playing the game by her own rules. Based on the original Argentine series.

Writer(s): Sarah Watson
Producer(s): Gail Berman, Lauren Shuler Donner, Richard Donner, Justin Falvey, Darryl Fran, Greg Mottola
Director: Greg Mottola
Studio: Warner Bros. Television, SideCar Content Accelerator, Amblin TV
Logline: After failing to make it in New York and carrying a heavy secret with her, Stella Cooper returns to her distressed automotive hometown to substitute teach. She finds inspiration, hope, and ultimately salvation when she agrees to help three students who are pursuing their filmmaking dreams by putting on an impossibly ambitious shot-for-shot remake of one of the student’s favorite movies… “The Goonies.” Over the course of the season, their passion will inspire a town in desperate need of hope in this love letter to the power of cinema, storytelling, and dreams.

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NBC Logo


Writer(s): Justin Spitzer
Producer(s): Aaron Kaplan
Studio: Universal Television, Kapital Entertainment
Logline: Set at the headquarters of a major American automotive company in Detroit, where a floundering group of executives try to rediscover the company identity amidst a rapidly changing industry. (Single camera)

Writer(s): Rachele Lynn
Producer(s): Lorne Michaels, Seth Meyers, Mike Shoemaker
Studio(s): Universal Television, Broadway Video, Sethmaker Shoemeyers Productions
Logline: Daisy, with her life stalling, re-enters the dating scene only to discover that while she was out of the game, the game sort of, totally, completely changed. Realizing she is a bit rusty at being “normal” and “appealing” on first dates, she’ll need the support of her friends as she strives to succeed while being her true self in today’s quick-to-dismiss dating culture. (Single camera)

THE KENAN SHOW — Series Order
Writer(s): Jackie Clarke
Producer(s): Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer
Director: Chris Rock
Studio: Universal Television, Broadway Video
Logline: Kenan Thompson strives to be a super dad to his two adorable girls while simultaneously balancing his job and a father-in-law who “helps” in the most inappropriate ways. (Single camera)
Cast: Kenan Thompson, Punam Patel, Dani Lockett, Dannah Lockett, Andy Garcia

Writer(s): Suzanne Martin
Producer(s): Jim Jefferies, Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, Tim Sarkes, Alex Murray
Studio: Universal Television, Hazy Mills, Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Logline: Jim Jefferies stars as a fictionalized version of himself – a comedian with a unique and often controversial take on modern life, relationships and co-parenting with his best friend. (Multi-camera)
Cast: Jim Jefferies

Writer(s): Chris Moynihan
Producer(s): Kevin Hart, Will Packer, Malcolm Lee
Studio: Universal Television, Hartbeat Productions, Will Packer Productions, Bicycle Path Productions
Logline: An adaptation of the 2018 film, “Night School” centers on a unique mix of adults at a night school GED prep class who unexpectedly bond over their shared experience and find themselves helping each other both inside and outside of the classroom. (Multi-camera)

Writer(s): Matt Hubbard, Josh Siegal, Dylan Morgan
Producer(s): Emiliano Calemzuk, Gonzalo Sagardia, Javier Veiga
Studio: Universal Television
Logline: A romantic comedy about two set-in-their-ways adults who are challenged by very unexpected strangers to become the best versions of themselves in order to find love and possibly each other. Based on the format “Pequeñas Coincidencias,” created by Javier Veiga. (Multi-camera)

YOUNG ROCK — Series Order
Writer(s): Nahnatchka Khan, Jeff Chiang
Producer(s): Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Brian Gewirtz, Jennifer Carreras
Studio: Universal Television, Seven Bucks Productions, Fierce Baby Productions
Logline: Inspired by the formative years of Dwayne Johnson. (Single camera)
Cast: Dwayne Johnson

Writer(s): Phil Jackson
Producer(s): Dan Goor
Studio: Universal Television
Logline: Ensemble comedy about black people, dating and wine. (Single camera)

Writer(s): Tina Fey, Robert Carlock
Producer(s): Jeff Richmond, David Miner, Eric Gurian
Studio: Universal Television, 3 Arts Entertainment, Little Stranger
Logline: A wealthy businessman runs for mayor of Los Angeles for all the wrong reasons. Once he wins he has to figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his staff and connect with his teenage daughter, all while humanely controlling the coyote population. (Single camera)
Cast: Ted Danson, Holly Hunter, Bobby Moynihan

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Writer(s): Carla Banks-Waddles
Producer(s): Malcolm D. Lee, Debra Martin Chase
Studio: Universal Television, Blackmaled Productions
Logline: An exploration of an African-American family’s legacy. After the Cooper family’s golden child suffers a catastrophic event, seven family members face a foundational shift, make life-altering decisions and deal with deep secrets coming to light.

Writer(s): J.H. Wyman
Producer(s): Jason Hoffs
Studio: Legendary Television, Frequency Films
Logline: Two agents from two different continents, and two different mindsets, must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind.

Writer(s): JJ Bailey
Producer(s): John Davis, John Fox
Studio: Universal Television, Davis Entertainment
Logline: A high-concept, genre procedural revolving around a team of investigators who solve the highest-profile crimes by sending our heroes 36 hours into the past … in the body of the victim. They assume the victim’s identity and must race against time to prevent the crime before it happens.

Writer(s): David Appelbaum
Producer(s): Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott, Rachel Kaplan, Ken Woodruff
Studio: Universal Television, Keshet Studios
Logline: When a massive sinkhole mysteriously opens in Los Angeles, it tears a family in half, separating mother and son from father and daughter. When part of the family find themselves in an unexplainable primeval world, alongside a disparate group of strangers, they must work to survive and uncover the mystery of where they are and if there is a way back home.

Writer(s): Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie
Producer(s): Dan Brown, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Anna Culp, Samie Falvey
Studio: CBS Television Studios, Universal Television, Imagine Television
Logline: Based on Dan Brown’s international best-selling thriller “The Lost Symbol,” the series follows the early adventures of famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who must solve a series of deadly puzzles to save his kidnapped mentor and thwart a chilling global conspiracy.

Writer(s): Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner
Producer(s): Matt Reeves, Adam Kassan, Rafi Crohn, Howard Klein
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television, 6th & Idaho, 3Arts Entertainment
Logline: Explores the three parallel lives of the show’s main character after he makes a pivotal choice at a crossroads in his life. The series asks the question of how different life might look if you made your decision based on love, loyalty or passion.

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