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TV Stars Drive Nearly 60% of Social Media Engagement for Shows, Nielsen Says

Ratings-currency company has begun tracking talent’s promotion of TV series across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Nielsen has begun tracking how TV stars are promoting shows on social media, the ratings-currency company said Thursday, revealing that more than half of all social engagement for series is driven by talent.

According to Nielsen, “talent now drives close to 60% of all social engagement for TV programs — more than network and program accounts combined” and “being able to see how talent fares through a trusted, comprehensive solution will help all levels of the industry better measure success and buzz and optimize strategies.”

Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings solution is now measuring talent promotion of television programs across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which is enabled by Instagram’s activation of creator account measurement via its Graph API.

More than 6,000 talent accounts published over 164,000 pieces of social content for the 2018 TV season, driving 170+ million engagements for TV programs, Nielsen says.

Just so readers can get an idea of what all this means, here’s the Top TV talent on social media for the week of Sept. 9, according to Nielsen’s measurements of “owned engagements” across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

  1. Kim Kardashian West, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” – 1.1 million
  2. Ellen DeGeneres, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” – 926,200
  3. Gabrielle Union, “America’s Got Talent” – 837,000

“For our clients, it’s critical to effectively manage the investments they are making across social platforms,” Sean Casey, President, Nielsen Social, said. “The true impact talent has on the social engagement around TV shows has always been a big blindspot. The challenge for us was crafting a methodology and technology that could determine the program relevance of talents’ social posts at scale for the tens of thousands of actors across thousands of TV shows. In conjunction with our relationships with Twitter and Facebook, Nielsen was able to deliver this measurement to the industry.”