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Chicago TV Station Apologizes After Confusing PF Chang’s and Pyeongchang (Video)

Chicago station says graphic was originally created for a spoof segment but was accidentally used for a serious story

A Chicago news station has apologized for a segment that said the 2018 Winter Olympics were being held at P.F. Chang’s instead of Pyeongchang, South Korea, on Saturday.

During a segment anchored by Mark Rivera, the backdrop bore the mistake during a segment about the Winter Olympics, reading, “P.F. Chang 2018.”

While ABC 7 local affiliate WLS has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment, a spokesperson for the network told the Chicago Tribune that it was a result of a mix-up, and that the graphic was originally put together on Friday for a “satirical piece” in which viewers were asked to put together their own Olympic sports.

Additionally, the official logo of the Olympics looked butchered to only consist of four rings instead of the famous five.

P.F. Chang’s took to Twitter on Saturday to assure fans they were not hosting the Games this year. “Contrary to this broadcast, we’re not hosting the games.”

Twitter users were quick to mock the channel for its mistake.

“Who knew the #WinterGames would be so delicious?” wrote one user, while another added, “America would definitely take the Gold in the “Binge Eating” event at the PF Chang’s Olympics.”

“Personally, I look forward to competing in the #PFChang #Olympics, as I have been training for many years. I’m an elite athlete in the field of Kung Pao Shrimp, and my DanDan Noodles game is strong,” posted another.