Stephen Colbert Tells Young Black Men to Stop Being So Scary (Video)

The late night host returns from vacation to offer his character's take on the George Zimmerman verdict

America has been tracking the George Zimmerman murder trial "like a black teenager in a gated community," Stephen Colbert said Monday in his return to late night.

He continued, "[The verdict] is a victory for the rule of law, in that Florida apparently no longer has rules or laws."

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Colbert played a clip of an outraged Geraldo Rivera vehemently defending the verdict. Rivera argued that the jurors probably would have shot and killed the 6 foot 2, hoodied Trayvon Martin even faster in their own neighborhood.

Either way, by Colbert's count, black people and white people are now tied in points. You'll have to see the video below to follow his calculations.

Ultimately, Colbert said there is a lesson for both races to learn: White people need to stop being scared of young black men, and in turn, young black men need to stop being so scary.

Watch the clip: