Cut. It. Out: ‘Full House’ Stars Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin Plot New Web Series (Exclusive)

The tongue-in-cheek Web comedy, which also features Kato Kaelin and Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins, will find the TV stars trying to manipulate the paparazzi to rejuvenate their careers

Last Updated: October 19, 2011 @ 7:07 AM

Joey Gladstone and Stephanie Tanner, together again.

"Full House" star and stand-up comedian Dave Coulier tells TheWrap that he and his sitcom co-star, Jodie Sweetin, are reuniting to star in a new web series that will find the real-life friends at odds.

Co-stars included Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins from "Saved by the Bell" and infamous O.J. Simpson houseguest Kato Kaelin.

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The show's called "Can't Get Arrested," and, a la "Curb Your Enthusiasm," features Coulier and Sweetin playing themselves — or versions of themselves — who encounter an unexpected chance to spark up new opportunities for their careers.

"Jodie and I … we're sitting at dinner and the paparazzi takes a picture of us, and they purposely Photoshop a nip slip onto her, and it hits the press," said Coulier, describing the series' premise. "So she's outraged, but I think it's a real opportunity.

"And at the urging of my manager, played by me — his name is Irv Steenstein, and he's a throwback, like, you know, a 75-year-old, semi-washed-up manage. And I play this character, Irv, with some technical video effects, and it kind of makes my face look completely different. So Irv is old-school, and Irv kind of says to me, 'Hey, look, this nipple slip, we need to ride this wave.' And I get on board with that, and I tell Jodie, 'Hey, look, this is a real opportunity.  I think we should surf this wave.'" 

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The faux-reality Web series plot works so well that Coulier encourages other stars to join in the scam, including Haskins and Kaelin.

For example, Coulier tells Haskins to show up at a restaurant where Kaelin's dining and provoke a fight that ends with tabloid pics of the two wrestling in the middle of a dining room.

"And there are a couple of mishaps along the way where the media attention backfires on some of our stars," Coulier says. "I won't give too much away, but there is kind of a clash with Jodie and I by the end of the series, and it's all because I get some press for (fellow "Full House" alum) Candace Cameron, and Candace is able to get a job that Jodie was up for. By the end, Jodie and I decide that we don't want to even be friends anymore."

The web series is scheduled to premiere at the end of the month and run for five episodes. One new installment will debut each week at the show's website,, which launches next week.

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Coulier, who also continues to tour as a stand-up comedian, says a teaser at the end of the first five shows leaves the door open for additional episodes. And, yes, he says, there is always the chance that other "Full House" cast members could pop in.

Coulier, who's tweeting about the show, also hopes a famous fan of "Full House" and "Saved by the Bell" might be interested in a little collaboration on "Can't Get Arrested."

"(We've been) talking about Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy has done several things about 'Full House' on his show, and he's also tried to reunite the cast of 'Saved by the Bell,'" Coulier says. "So I thought this would be really great for Jimmy to kind of have all of that under one roof and reunite all of us in some way with this series.  So we're going to reach out to him and just see what his thoughts are on this."

Jimmy Fallon, are you reading this?