‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Preview: Cindy Crawford Stumbles Upon Royal Roots (Exclusive Video)

On Tuesday's episode, the supermodel travels to the U.K. and beyond to discover that titles run in her family

In her heyday, Cindy Crawford ruled print, runway and commercial modeling. And that earned her the title of supermodel.

On Tuesday's episode of TLC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" airing at 9/8c, Crawford discovers that esteemed titles run in her family.

The Midwestern girl grew up to become the highest paid model in the world. And although she has traveled the world in her career, she has referred to herself as an "American mutt." As far as she knows, her family hails from Illinois and Minnesota.

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What she'll discover is that she's right: She has deep roots in America dating to the civil war, but royal ancestry as well.

In TheWrap's exclusive preview below, Crawford also finds out that there's both valiant bravery and kindness in one of her ancestors.

Watch below: