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Twayne the Bone Raper and 3 Other Pathetic TV Demons

The red-skinned ”Ugly Americans“ boob tops our short list of ineffectual soul-stealers

"Ugly Americans" — a dryly funny animated sitcom in which supernatural beings live and work among us — returns to Comedy Central for its second season tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET, following a new "Futurama."

Our favorite character on the show is the demon Twayne the Bone Raper. We like him not only because of his awesome name, but because the hugely incompetent New York City government employee perfectly represents every mid-level bureaucrat we've ever dealt with.

As you'll see in the video below, Twayne is also a complete bungler as a demon — and, in fact, would likely top any list entitled "Worst. Demon. Ever.," given that he has successfully stolen the soul of just one living creature, and that creature was a mangy cat.

Twayne is also fun to watch because terrible demons so rarely grace our sets — and by terrible, we mean "poor at being a demon," not terrible meaning "horrifying creatures." To make Twayne the Bone Raper feel slightly better about himself, we've remembered three other ineffectual demons who epically failed during their brief stints on TV.

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Actor: Christian Clemenson
Midway through the third season of Joss Whedon's influential supernatural series, we are introduced to Balthazar, a once-powerful demon who has lost his amulet, and hence his mojo. He's also become morbidly obese, and the massive blob of goo is now resigned to barking orders at dimwitted minions from the confines of a giant bathtub — that is, until Buffy electrocutes the grody bastard.

Wayne Weinsider
Show: "The X-Files"
Actor: Bruce Campbell
The entire Wayne Weinsider experience can be summed up quickly: great character, funny performance, pitiful demon. The dude's completely backwards modus operandi is to marry women, knock them up and then kill both the mother and unborn child if the babies show demonic traits. You see, old Wayne wants to have a normal human child and a regular family; his fatal flaw is not understanding that something called adoption exists. Sadly, he perishes at the hand of a crazy woman who actually wants to have a demon baby.

Glaidolus Thrip
Show: "Demons"
Actor: MacKenzie Crook
A beak-nosed dandy, Thrip has the audacity to believe he's invincible, when clearly he's anything but, given that he died twice during the short-lived series' six episodes. Much like his capability as a demon, his beak is also false: Thrip has no nose and chooses to wear the ivory schnozz that makes him look like a savage chicken.