‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling’s Daughter Throws Priceless Shade on Trump (Photo)

One captionless black-and-white picture is worth a thousand words

Twilight Zone Trump Rod Serling

“Twilight Zone” creator/producer/narrator Rod Serling moved on to “another dimension” more than 40 years ago, but his legacy lives on in his daughter Anne, who threw some very amusing shade on President Donald Trump on Saturday.

Anne Serling posted a doctored black-and-white photo on Twitter, depicting her father in the Oval Office with Trump in the background, sitting behind the Resolute desk. The senior Serling looks intently into the camera, as he did in the opening of every episode of the classic sci-fi series.

Although there is no caption, you can almost hear Serling deliver an introduction as he did before every episode, all of which concluded with words to the effect of “you’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”

An obvious editorial political comment by Serling’s offspring.

“Twilight Zone” was an iconic anthology series of the early ’60s. Each standalone scripted episode dealt with some sort of disturbing event that usually had a surprise ending or moral. The term “in the twilight zone” has come to mean being trapped in a surreal experience.

Check out the photo below, and if you want a good giggle, give a look at some of the responses to the photo by clicking on the thread here.