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New ‘Twin Peaks’ Bonus Footage: Agent Cooper Mugs It Up, David Bowie Freaks Out (Video)

“Peaks” freaks, rejoice: there’s freshly unearthed footage from ‘Fire Walk With Me’ in new Blu-ray box set for David Lynch’s bizarro TV series

Now here’s a damn fine reel of bonus footage.

A new Blu-ray box set for David Lynch‘s bizarro TV series “Twin Peaks” hits the market July 29, and along with it comes a treasure trove of deleted scenes from the offshoot film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” EW.com reports.

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A sneak peek at the nearly 90 minutes of bonus footage features Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper trying to sort out the bizarre proceedings and David Bowie undergoing an epic freakout.

And, of course, the iconic red-suited dwarf, busting out some smooth dance moves.

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Take a look at the footage below. And while you wait for the box set to hit the shelves, keep updated with a Tumblr page that promises to reveal more of the “Twin Peaks” mystery as time goes on.