Follow Friday: 25 Movie Stars Worth Their Tweets

Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackie Chan and all the essential A-list tweeters you must read

Sorry, Ashton Kutcher, you're not the only actor who tweets.

A-Listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey and Jackie Chan have all discovered that 140 characters can be an effective way to hawk their films, promote their favorite charities and even open up and show a side of themselves we don't often see. (Russell Crowe, we had no idea you were such a softie.)

We've sorted them not just by which stars deserve your attention, but also based on the type of tweets that are their stock in trade — politically conscious, insider scoops, cute and fuzzy, reliably hilarious … and purely promotional,

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Leonardo DiCaprio
Why you should follow: A forum for the eco-minded star to promote green causes. Also a good source of promotional material and interviews regarding Leo's mind-bending "Inception."
Recent sample tweet: "Heard about solar panels on the #Inception set? You can see pics on my FB page: @ecorazzi"
Be prepared for: Shut up about the ice caps melting and give us some dish on Bar Refaeli.

Edward Norton
Why you should follow: Never shy about his opinions, he talks up the Gulf oil spill, New York political races and the environment. Don't worry, there's some dish on the Hulk/Avengers debacle with Marvel too.
Recent sample tweet: "I'm all over FishPhone. Great idea. Used it to avoid Chilean Sea Bass last night. Almost extinct. Never knew. Farmed salmon a nightmare too"
Be prepared for: Shout outs to Tony Robbins. NBC should send him a fruit basket.

Kal Penn
Why you should follow: Surprisingly knowledgeable about politics and history. Then again, he did have a year-long gig in the White House.
Recent sample tweet: "Upset brown dude yelled: "You suck! It's because of YOU that I get called 'Kumar' everywhere I go!" Me: It's better than 'Apu' isn't it?"
Be prepared for: Obama worship.

Danny DeVito
Why you should follow: Super responsive to fans — and super profane. Uses Twitter to promote his anti-war views.
Recent sample tweet: "Get out of Afghanistan Bitch!"
Be prepared for: Twitpics of DeVito's troll feet.


Ian McKellen
Why you should follow: The source for the best intelligence on the long-delayed, much anticipated "Hobbit" movie.
Recent sample tweet: "I asked all I met at WETA when 'The Hobbit' starts shooting. Reply? 'You tell us.'"
Be prepared for: An inside look at McKellen's touring production of "Waiting for Godot." Fun if you love Beckett.

Tom Hanks
Why you should follow: Tweets regularly and provides exclusives from the set of "Larry Crowne," which marks his return to directing and reunites with Julia Roberts.
Recent sample tweet: "At UMart you see your professional past …"
Be prepared for: OK, the "Larry Crowne" updates can get excessive. Blow-by-blows of looping sessions do not a riveting tweet make.

Lindsay Lohan
Why you should follow: Best scoops on her various legal battles, daddy issues and jail stints.
Recent sample tweet: "the only 'bookings' that i'm familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i'd be 'booking' into Jail… eeeks"
Be prepared for: Everything would be really funny, if it weren't also terribly sad.


Jeremy Piven
Why you should follow: Very responsive to fan questions. Plus Piven offers a behind the scenes take on all things "Entourage."
Recent sample tweet: "Pulled over for driving 82 in a 70, that's like being punished for spanking in an orgy."
Be prepared for: Wallpaper that looks like an Orvis advertisement.


Jason Batemen
Why you should follow: Gets in hilarious tweet fights with "Arrested Development" co-star Will Arnett. Also fun to see him try to explain why he got preferential treatment in line while waiting for his iPhone.
Recent sample tweet: "Arnett's pipes are so G-damn velvety on the GMC spots. He must gargle sand."
Be prepared for: Infrequency. Weeks go by without so much as a re-tweet.

Will Arnett
Why you should follow: Seems to be channeling his obnoxious, clueless, yet ultimately hilarious "Arrested Development" character, Job Bluth, with every tweet.
Recent sample tweet: "Dear NyQuil…thanks for the no memories."
Be prepared for: Soccer updates. Thank God World Cup is over.


John Clesse
Why you should follow: Fills tweets with dry musings and clever word play. Would you expect anything less from the man who gave us the "dead parrot" sketch?
Recent sample tweet: "Norway! Land of brown cheese"
Be prepared for: Reports on his knee surgery.

Rainn Wilson
Why you should follow: Hard to see where Wilson's tweets end and his nutso "Office" character Dwight Schrute's begin.
Recent sample tweet: "I wish everyone would stop driving so crazy, y'all making it hard to text!"
Be prepared for: TMI on gastrointestinal problems.

Lake Bell
Why you should follow: Usually plays the hot girl in movies, but if her tweets are any indication, she's missed her true calling as a comedian.
Recent sample tweet: "If you shower when you're drunk, is that considered a drunk Dial?"
Be prepared for: Lots of word play, very little real insight.


David Spade
Why you should follow: Funniest misanthrope on Twitter, hands down.
Recent sample tweet: "i didnt understand Inception. unfortunately i did understand the last Airbender"
Be prepared for: Lots of badmouthing. Nobody escapes his withering attacks.


Jim Carrey
Why you should follow: Less comedian than celebrity crackup. It's unclear if everything is supposed to be funny, but it sure is engrossing.
Recent sample tweet: "I've been painting! Each new work is like a child. I sleep in a separate room but it still has my full attention. I need a baby monitor."
Be prepared for: Liberal use of BOING. Whatever that means.


Jackie Chan
Why you should follow: The martial arts star is a frequent tweeter, giving his followers nuggets about his upcoming films and travels.
Recent sample tweet: "You all know I'm scared of needles!"
Be prepared for: Twitpics from the dentist's office knock a film legend down a peg.


Russell Crowe
Why you should follow: Insanely responsive to fans' questions and comments. Famously gruff actor even comes across as cuddly.
Recent sample tweet: "Taking my little boys to the footy today. Down the harbour is the absolute best way to get to ANZ stadium."
Be prepared for: A little bit of vitriol. Dude hates journalists.

Taraji P. Henson
Why you should follow: Oscar nominee is a Twitter addict who tweets about life, family and work multiple times a day.
Recent sample tweet: "Good morning beautiful ppl! Shine your light on the world! AGAIN those that can't handle the glare are NOT to be entertained with ur energy!"
Be prepared for: Greeting card sentiments.

Milla Jovovich
Why you should follow: The gorgeous action star, Revlon model and Luc Besson muse tweets back and forth with fans and chats about projects she's filming.
Recent sample tweet: "Thanks 2 the OKC courthouse 4 being cool and letting us film there! Hope u get your elevators fixed! Lol! I'll nvr 4get my ride w a convict!"
Be prepared for: An exhaustive chronicle of her shooting schedule. Not gripping to find out you're being called to the set.

Jessica Alba
Why you should follow: Enthusiastic and engaged, Alba lets followers take the passenger seat on her globetrotting life.
Recent sample tweet: "Dude just ran across a busy freeway in flipflops after 3 car accident to curse ppl out -nobody hurt but his car was effed up #thatsmarseille"
Be prepared for: Too many re-tweets, not enough originals.


Chris Mintz-Plasse
Why you should follow: He may be a movie star, but he's also a true film geek.
Recent sample tweet: "'Were you in Harry Potter?' 'Are you Stlifler?' I love Albuquerque."
Be prepared for: Chatter about his social and drinking life. We know, you have friends and like beer. Promise we won't take your lunch money.


Tom Cruise
Why you should follow: Giveaways and contests for the Cruise faithful.
Recent sample tweet: "How did John Anderton change the future? Check out how The Minority Report has influenced modern tech!"
Be prepared for: The third person. Clearly Cruise has hired someone do his tweeting for him.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Why you should follow: Mixes info on his film projects with links to cool YouTube videos and movie suggestions
Recent sample tweet: "Porn and Disney movies are responsible for the most frustrated human beings I know."
Be prepared for: Lots and lots of shilling for his new media venture hitRECord.

Zoe Saldana
Why you should follow: One of Hollywood's hottest up and coming stars. Has key roles in not one, but two of the biggest sci-fi franchises.
Recent sample tweet: "Thank u so much for all the support! Means sooo much. Please donate whatever u can to help the rebuilding of HAITI. Avatar rules!!!!! X"
Be prepared for: A whole lot of gratitude. Cut down on the thank you's to fans please.

Hank Azaria
Why you should follow: An inside look at the upcoming "Smurfs" movie. He's playing Gargamel.
Recent sample tweet: "I've moved back to NYC… But what's made it feel like a REALLY long time, is watching the Mets play. Sigh…"
Be prepared for: Caring about the "Smurfs" movie.