Twitter Advises NBC to Divorce ‘Marriage Ref’

Reaction is fast and furious as Jerry Seinfeld’s much-hyped reality show premieres after Olympics’ Closing Ceremony

Last Updated: March 1, 2010 @ 6:10 PM

As reaction to NBC’s "The Marriage Ref" rippled west from the East Coast — kind of like a tsunami on land — Twitter exploded with negative reaction to the much-hyped new show.

@rjcutler NBC suicide continues. Tonight, Jerry Seinfeld bites the dust. #marriageref

@dkfuel #MarriageRef is proof that Focus Groups don’t always work.

@kateoh Thank you, NBC, for interrupting the maddest, coolest, WTFest Closing Ceremony EVAH for dumb show. Giant beaver & moose over #MarriageRef!!

@marklisanti Watching the West Coast feed. Genuinely shocked the Ref wasn’t canceled halfway through the East Coast showing. #stripperpole

@andylevy: The 9 minutes I saw of #marriageref were so bad I may never be able to watch SEINFELD reruns again.

@supersallyryan Can this couple with the stripper pole be the judges? Also change host to someone who doesn’t think he’s Jack Benny? #marriageref

@hitfixdaniel All subsequent installments of "Marriage Ref" are going to be a HOUR? Maybe Conan would like a 10 p.m. show?

@JamesUrbaniak A taxidermied dog seems like some sort of unintentional metaphor for this show. #marriageref

@mikegee How can someone be so successful in TV and not be able to realize when a show is going to flop. #marriageref

@KxBxBxKahuku #marriageref can suck it. Marriage advice from Madonna, Larry David, and Alec Baldwin? Yeah right, how many divorces between them 20?

@KanuDawg Didn’t think NBC olympic coverage could get worse. I was wrong: cutting away from closing ceremony for 1hr to show MarriageRef= fitting end.

Not all the Tweets were negative, however:

@FrankAngones Despite any protests, I think Marriage Ref has a shot at success on sheer star power alone.

@antiglib The problem with the #marriageref was that they picked such completely nonsensical issues to talk about. Good premise, horrific execution.

@sugarrbutt I’m ashamed to say… We laughed our asses off while watching #marriageref 🙂

@mikeedmisten #marriageref was the funniest new show I’ve seen in a while. It has tons of potential. Hoping they don’t waste it.

Watch the special half-hour "sneak peek":