Twitter Bans Accounts Catching Politicians Red-Handed

“Deleting a tweet is an expression of the user’s voice,” social giant says about shuttering Politwoops and Diplotwoops, which posted deleted tweets sent by politicians and diplomats

Last Updated: August 24, 2015 @ 6:36 AM

Twitter has banned two political watchdog accounts that show users deleted tweets by politicians.

Global accounts — Politwoops and diplotwoops – that flagged deleted tweets penned by politicians and later published them have been shut down.

The accounts  “violates our developer agreement,” a company spokesperson said. Politwoops’ API address was shuttered in June; at that time, it was only the U.S. version that was banned.

Strangely, at the time it was only the US version of Politwoops that was banned. But the social media giant went a step forward on Sunday, banning all accounts in 30 countries.

Twitter said its decision came after it followed a “thoughtful internal deliberation and close consideration of a number of factors’ and that it doesn’t distinguish between users.”

“Imagine how nerve-racking – terrifying, even – tweeting would be if it was immutable and irrevocable? No one user is more deserving of that ability than another. Indeed, deleting a tweet is an expression of the user’s voice,” the company concluded.


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