Twitter Can Calm Down: Melania Trump Trades Heels for Sneakers Ahead of Texas Flood Tour

Social media went bananas when it appeared First Lady would tour flood area in heels

Melania Trump

Twitter freaked out on Tuesday when a photo taken of Melania Trump showed the First Lady boarding Marine One in high heels — en route to an area of the country that has been pummeled by Tropical Storm Harvey.

People mistakenly assumed the First Lady was strolling through stormy Houston in her stilettos — or that she wouldn’t change outfits during the trip. But no, she was still in rainy Washington D.C. when the photo was taken, according to multiple accounts from journalists who were there.

By the time she touched down in Texas, the First Lady was rocking white Adidas sneakers. Trump’s social media director even posted video of the Melania arriving in Corpus Christi in sneakers.

Many on Twitter found the First Lady’s initial outfit to be inappropriate for visiting an area of the country that has been pummeled by Tropical Storm Harvey, which started out as a Category 4 hurricane before touching land.

So far, 3,400 people have been rescued by Houston Police in the aftermath of the storm, and that number is only expected to rise, Police Chief Art Acevedo said Tuesday.

“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes,” Melania’s spokesperson told CNN.

“I’m confused. Is Melania flying Marine One or is there a Top Gun reunion in Texas?” one Twitter user quipped before the Adidas shoes were revealed. Other users were quick to find a pun — “Marine One: Helping Texas heel” — while others found the outfit to look like playing dress up.

It turns out the whole situation was blown out of proportion.