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USA! USA! Twitter Erupts in Celebration Over Osama Bin Laden Killing

Assasination of Al-Qaeda leader turns social media stream into a Tsunami

Plenty of big news events are enhanced by social media. But Twitter became a virtual Osama Bin Laden death message board on Sunday night, as news of the killing of Bin Laden's killing at the hands of U.S. forces spread.

And after President Obama addressed the nation before midnight (ET), Twitter's stream became a Tsunami, as people around the world celebrated the assassination of the elusive Al-Qaeda leader.

It was a fitting place to celebrate. According to Media Decoder, Twitter was where news of Osama's death leaked.

Here are just a few reactions (ranging from pure joy to jokes to criticism of the media coverage) from people I happen to follow:

@Lock (Lockhart Steele) Wish we had champagne on ice.

@jeffjarvis (Jeff Jarvis): Movie scripts being written tonight.

@twolinepass (Ryan Lambert): If i was Obama right now I'd be doing karate moves in a mirror.

@ErinAndrews (Erin Andrews): Hugging every soldier I see in the airport.

@hunterw (Hunter Walker): I've been waiting for this news for 9 years 7 months and approximately 20 days.

@KBAndersen (Kurt Andersen): Google Maps already has bin Laden's compound in Abbottobad pinpointed. About 3 blocks east of a police station.

@secupp (S.E. Cupp): OBL's ghost already has a Twitter account. With over 15K followers. His location? Hell. @GhostOsama.

@SI_JonHeyman (Jon Heyman): Tough week for Trump's presidential candidacy. First the birth certificate, and now this. #USA

@raymondroker (Raymond Leon Roker): Still waiting for the Republican rebuttal.

@harvilla (Rob Harvilla): Now playing on TLC: "Who killed Chandra Levy?"

@unclegrambo (Mark Graham): Lara Logan is on CBS, but Katie Couric is nowhere to be found. CBS should just make Logan the anchor effective immediately.

@barryap1 (Barry Petchesky): F— it, I'm putting on FOX News. Like having a homer broadcaster call your team's game.

@JBFlint (Joe Flint): In all seriousness, contrary to what Geraldo Rivera just said, this is not Mardi Gras.

@thomaslennon (Thomas Lennon): Is it too much to ask that the government kill somebody I hate EVERY night, around 8PM?

@alexblagg (Alex Blagg): Things are going to get confusing for anyone who wants to talk about "The Killing" around the watercooler tomorrow.

@lizzwinstead (Lizz Winstead): OBAMA: "I made killing or capturing Bin Laden our top priority." GOP: "No healthcare For poor women."

@skidder (Scott Kidder): Pretty impressive Twitter as a platform has remained stable and responsive. Congrats to their architecture teams.

@R (Rex Hammock): Last thing we need tonight: Political punditry. Celebration, reflection, appreciation, sadness, joy — yes. Punditry can wait.