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Twitter Goes Wild Over Something in Sean Spicer’s Teeth

People get really distracted during White House press briefing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer appeared to have something in his teeth during Monday’s briefing and Twitter went wild.

Spicer has become a household name after being mocked by Melissa McCarthy on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” but he hasn’t done himself any favors. He recently took the podium with his American flag lapel pin upside down, often mispronounces names and is regularly accused to bending the truth in order to make President Trump look good.

One user wrote, “Sean Spicer has something in his teeth and it’s distracting me from my concern for the country,” while another asked, “Will someone please tell ‪@seanspicer that he has spinach in his teeth!”

Most people assumed whatever was in Spicer’s teeth is lettuce or spinach, but almost everyone agreed that it was a distraction. One user even joked, “Sean Spicer’s teeth are a sanctuary city for spinach.”

Check out some of the reaction:

Politico White House correspondent Eli Stokols recently told TheWrap that Spicer will use every available tool in order to convey Trump’s message, “Whether it’s humor, anger or intimidation,” and noted, “Sean has a very, very hard job.”

It is safe to assume that his life will only become more difficult after Monday’s press briefing, as it seems like perfect fodder for late-night hosts and “SNL.” Do you think someone should have told Spicer that something was in his teeth? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter @TheWrap.

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