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Twitter Mocks Trump for Another Spelling Error: ‘Oh, Heel Never Learn’

”You’d think Trump would know what ‘heel’ means, since that was his excuse for dodging the draft,“ user writes

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning to send a message to Hurricane Harvey victims, but for the second time in recent memory he misspelled “heal” as “heel.” Of course, social media noticed immediately.

“Texas is heeling [sic] fast thanks to all of the great men & women who have been working so hard. But still, so much to do. Will be back tomorrow!” Trump wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

The error was live for roughly an hour and the president eventually deleted it and replaced it with the same message, minus the error.

The jokes on social media included puns such as, “Oh, heel never learn,” and, “Heel get it right one of these days.”

Another user wrote, “I may never heel from this covfefe presidency,” while another wrote, “You’d think Trump would know what ‘heel’ means, since that was his excuse for dodging the draft.”

Check out some of the best reactions: