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Twitter Nets Highest Traffic Ever in July — Catches Up to MySpace

The social media site reported 32.8 million unique visitors, up 2 million over June

Now that "retweet" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Twitter has cemented its presence in the American lexicon. 

While that news does little for its business interests, other than furthering its legitimacy, something else may help its forecasts — the social media site registered its best month of traffic ever in July.

According to the web analytics firm ComScore, 32.8 million unique visitors went to the site in July, up more than 2 million over its June tally and nearly 4 million as compared to May.

In a summer of uncharacterisically frequent breaking news stories, Twitter has been at the center of much of it, whether with the U.S. budget crisis or riots across the globe.

The site's July numbers make it the country's 34th most poular website, and though it trails Facebook, it has caught up with MySpace and LinkedIn.