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Twitter Goes Nuts Over Claim That Trump Didn’t Receive Income From Russia ‘With Few Exceptions’

One user tweets, ”Serial killer Ted Bundy was a nice guy, with few exceptions“

Twitter went wild on Friday morning after the Associated Press tweeted that President Trump’s lawyer said his tax returns do now show any income from Russia “with few exceptions.”

Users quickly took to the social media platform to mock the message, offering other suggestions of things that can be taken completely out of context, by simply adding “with few exceptions.”

The phrase quickly became a top trend on Twitter, and rightfully so. The AP’s tweet leaves open a world of possibilities regarding Trump’s tax returns. Perhaps a multi-million dollar payment from The Kremlin was one of the few exceptions? Or maybe Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote Trump a personal check? As one user wrote, the “exceptions” are the “whole point” for public curiosity.

Check out some of the best responses: