Democrats Explode With Glee Over Biden’s Electoral College Victory: ‘Best Monday of 2020’

May this finally be the thing that sends Trump packing

Twitter Explodes With Joy Over Biden's Electoral College Victory: 'Best Monday of 2020'
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The left side of the internet was understandably overjoyed on Monday as the news broke that the Electoral College has formally voted for Joe Biden as the 2020 election winner. The Electoral College certification officially makes Biden the President-elect and dashes yet another hope Donald Trump had of overturning the election he lost by more than 7 million votes.

Of course, if his whiny reaction to his campaign’s recent failure to convince the Supreme Court to simply invalidate the election is any guide, we likely have not yet seen the end of Trump’s constant lies that the election was stolen from him through widespread voter fraud. But whatever desperate, undemocratic and hopefully doomed-to-fail thing he and his allies may attempt between today and Jan. 6, when Congress will confirm the election results in a joint session, on Monday much celebrating was in order from people who didn’t vote for the candidate trying to destroy American democracy.

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz couldn’t hide his delight at the news, writing, “First vaccinations. Electoral College finalized. Best Monday of 2020.”

“Donald Trump–you now join me in the ranks of ‘electoral college dropouts,’” Tim Kaine, Hilary Clinton’s 2016 running mate joked. “Of course, you have been President and I haven’t. But, then again, I’ve never lost the popular vote and you’ve never won it.” Kaine of course was referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton lost in the electoral college despite winning the 2016 popular vote by almost 3 million. (For the record, Trump lost the popular vote by many millions of people twice in a row.)

“It was over when the race was called. It was over after dozens of bogus lawsuits went nowhere. It was over when Trump’s hand-picked SCOTUS rejected the TX coup attempt.,” wrote California representative Eric Swalwell. “Now the Electoral College says it’s over, again. 37 DAYS UNTIL @JoeBiden is sworn in at POTUS.”

Massachusetts Senator and former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wrote, “@JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris’ victory was already clear. The electoral college has now made it even more official. Republicans who continue to deny this victory aren’t just burying their heads in the sand–they’re threatening our democracy.”

CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin may have said it best with one simple question for Trump and his supporters: “Ok now? Over now?”

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