Twitter Doubts Trump’s $1 Million Harvey Donation: ‘Let’s Wait Til the Check Clears’

President promises to donate his own money, but detractors don’t believe him


President Trump is the latest big name to promise to help victims of Hurricane Harvey with his own money. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced in a press briefing that POTUS would donate $1 million of his personal fortune to hurricane relief efforts.

Of course, Twitter is skeptical. Many doubt that Trump will keep his word. Others are unsure if the money will actually come from his personal funds, or from an organization like the Trump Foundation. Sanders also did not mention which charities would receive the monetary gift.

Either way, many observers aren’t sure how to take the news, and have expressed that they want to see those Trump receipts. Here are a few reactions:

And finally, RawStory notes that the last time Trump donated to the recovery from a major hurricane, the money he promised never seemed to have materialized.