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Twitter Delights As Shooting Survivors Grill Lawmakers, NRA: ‘Amber Alert Issued for Marco Rubio’s Spine’

Survivors of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting taking part in a CNN town hall on gun control put tough questions to pro-gun lawmakers and lobbyists

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had some tough questions put to him Wednesday by survivors of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting, and Twitter was loving it.

The survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and their parents took part in a CNN town hall discussion about gun control with Rubio and Sen. Bill Nelson. Stoneman Douglas students had some tough questions for Rubio, a Republican who has taken campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association, in particular.

Twitter users watching the town hall were particularly enthused by one question from Stoneman Douglas Junior Cameron Kasky, who asked Rubio to pledge he wouldn’t take any more money from the NRA. Rubio refused to make the promise.

On Twitter, plenty of viewers dragged Rubio for what many saw as a refusal to stand up to the NRA. They also praised the Stoneman Douglas survivors and their parents for standing up for their beliefs even in the face of the tragedy they’d faced.

Also present at the town hall meeting was NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who was present to defend the NRA’s position on gun rights, gun control and the Second Amendment. Survivors and their parents had tough questions for Loesch as well, and members of the audience shouted at her repeatedly, including yelling, “You’re a murderer!”

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