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Twitter Stock Drops Double Digits on News of No User Growth

That bird just smacked into a sliding glass door

Twitter stock sank like a stone on Thursday morning after the social media company reported it had no monthly active user growth over the second quarter of 2017. Like, none at all.

Below is a look at the stock’s decline as it currently sits. We used a five-day range for dramatic effect.

Yes, TWTR is currently trading down more than $2 per share, which is a drop larger than 11 percent for the modestly priced stock. And the decline might be even harsher, had Twitter not bested Wall Street’s Q2 revenue and earnings expectations. So, there’s that.

While Twitter’s monthly active users (MAUs) grew 5 percent from 2016’s Q2 to 2017’s comparable quarter, that all-important statistic was flat from this year’s initial three-month measurement period.

For a comparison, from fourth-quarter 2016 to the just-mentioned Q1 2017, Twitter had grown its MAUs by 9 percent — though initial intrigue in President Trump’s social media tirades can claim credit for at least some of that.

Facebook just grew its monthly users by 3.6 percent, slightly down from the prior quarter’s 4.3 percent lift.

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