Twitter Takes Over Upfronts as Social Media Giant Expands TV Integration Push (Exclusive)

NBC, Fox and even the People/EW party are using the social media platform as it pushes hard into tv integration

As broadcast upfronts invade New York this week, Twitter will make its presence felt.

The NBC Upfronts used Twitter Mirrors, which allow people to take selfies which are tweeted in real time, by tapping an iPad screen attached to a stand. NBC tweeted images of their stars from the red carpet at their presentation, and other networks are expected to leverage the Twitter mirror at their upfront presentations and after parties.

There will also be Twitter vending machines, at the Fox upfront after party,  which prompts users to tweet a specific hashtag to a pre-set handle in order to dispense a snack or beverage. People who tweet a custom hashtag near the machine will get custom FOX-branded merchandise.

At People and EW’s Upfront party on Monday evening, where Twitter is a social partner, there will be a Twitter photo booth inside the party along with Persicope live on the red carpet. Periscope will be a big part of many networks’ Upfronts this week as they tap into the popular new livestreaming platform.

Nielsen TV Twitter ratings, which has become the leading measurement for social media interaction around TV shows, will also be mentioned in some of the Upfront Twitter integrations.

“Having Twitter as the social media partner at our Upfronts party allows fans and the advertising community an opportunity to be live on the red carpet with Periscope and gives them access to photos of TV’s hottest talent from inside Twitter’s photo booth,” Rich Battista, executive vice president of Time Inc. and president of PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, told TheWrap. “It showcases the strong synergy between EW, PEOPLE and Twitter.”

“As a partner to the networks and go-to companion for millions of TV fans year round, we are excited to have a stronger presence than ever at this year’s Upfronts” Andrew Adashek, Head of TV at Twitter told TheWrap. “From being the social media partner at the EW & PEOPLE party to having Twitter integrations and data at the presentations themselves, we want to share the best of the Upfronts with the industry in real-time.”