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Twitter Rages at Trump Over Reports He Leaked Classified Info to Russian Government

The Washington Post reports that Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia’s foreign minister during a White House visit

Donald Trump just threw more gasoline onto the public fire surrounding the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s potential ties with Russia, as The Washington Post reported Monday that he disclosed highly classified intelligence to Russia’s foreign minister during a White House visit.

According to officials who spoke with the Post, the information Trump leaked was related to a source who provided vital intel to the inner workings of ISIS, which was so sensitive that it was withheld from some U.S. officials and allies.

Trump’s actions have given his liberal critics in Hollywood and beyond almost daily material to attack him with, especially in the wake of last week’s surprise firing of FBI Director James Comey. Monday was no different, as celebrities and media figures trashed the president as “a danger to democracy and the world.”

See some of the outraged tweets below.

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