Twitter Won’t Ban Alex Jones, and Debate About It Ensues – on Twitter

“Alex Jones” is top Twitter trend on Monday

alex jones
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After Youtube, Spotify, Apple and Pinterest each removed videos and channels from “InfoWars” host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Twitter became the only major social media platform to continue hosting Jones’ content.

Twitter has no plans to remove Jones from its platform, and a person with direct knowledge of how Twitter is handling the situation said InfoWars is not currently in violation of the company’s policies.

Nonetheless, Twitter’s refusal to kick Jones out has sparked a debate — you guessed it — on Twitter, and the hashtag #BanAlexJones began gaining steam on Monday afternoon, the same day the top Twitter trend for the most part of the day in the U.S. was, more simply, “Alex Jones.”

Here are some of the users calling on Twitter to follow suit with other big tech companies and ban Jones.

Others argued that banning Jones would represent a violation of free speech.

This is not the first time Twitter has been criticized for how it polices content and behavior on its platform. The company has often been rebuked for allowing white supremacists and other perpetrators of hate speech to maintain a presence on the platform — and verifying them as legitimate accounts. But the platform has also caught backlash for its policing, namely, when it temporarily blocked actress Rose McGowan, an accuser and vocal critic of Harvey Weinstein, after she included a phone number in her tweets.