Twitter Experiments With Feature That Hides Replies

The new feature comes as Twitter experiments with several ways to improve the “health” of conversation on its app

Twitter User
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Twitter is working on a new “Hide Tweet” feature that would allow users to, well, hide replies to their tweets.

A company spokesperson confirmed it’s “experimenting” with the feature on Friday, but added there was no timetable for its rollout.

The “Hide Tweet” option was first spotted by coder Jane Manchun Wong. Twitter senior product manager Michelle Yasmeen Haq said that while users could hide replies to their tweets, the “hidden replies would be viewable by others through a menu option.”

Haq added, “We think the transparency of the hidden replies would allow the community to notice and call out situations where people use the feature to hide content they disagree with. We think this can balance the product experience between the original  Tweeter and the audience.”

The new feature comes as Twitter has spent much of the last year looking to improve the “health” of conversation on its platform, as CEO Jack Dorsey and company reps have mentioned on several occasions. Last year, the company started banishing mean tweets —  based on an array of data, like whether the account routinely tweets at users that don’t follow it back — into Twitter hell, aka the “show more replies” section at the bottom of reply threads.