Tyler James Williams Recalls Lesson From Working With Whoopi Goldberg on ‘Everybody Hates Chris’: ‘Oh, I Need to Get Really Good’ | Video

“There was this interesting feeling of mild intimidation, but then also inspiration,” the “Abbott Elementary” star explains

The View

It’s been roughly 20 years since “Abbott Elementary” star Tyler James Williams worked with Whoopi Goldberg on an episode of “Everybody Hates Chris,” but the actor remembers it vividly. He also remembers the lesson he learned that day.

In support of season 3 of “Abbott Elementary,” Williams stopped by “The View” on Monday, and was promptly shown a clip of him and Goldberg, during which her character called him a “cockeyed hooligan.” When asked by the hosts what he remembers about that day, Williams admitted he remembers it “distinctly.”

“There was this interesting feeling of mild intimidation, but then also inspiration,” he explained. “That was the day I realized that certain people are just really good at this comedy thing.”

The compliment earned a large smile from Whoopi, as Williams went on to explain to the cohosts that she actually came up with several versions of her line, and each one was great. (His favorite line that didn’t make the cut was Whoopi calling his character a “two-toned runt” instead of a cockeyed hooligan).

Williams then revealed the lesson he learned from watching Whoopi that day.

“I remember that day distinctly of being like, oh, I need to get really good at this because there are people who are very, very good at this,” he said.

You can watch the full exchange from “The View” in the video above.


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